Caucasian Gendje Long Rug, Wool #18046

abrashed midnight blue field with Ganja -Buta ‘boteh’ symbols, all within a dragon teeth’s border with inset birds and zoomorphic images, wool on wool.
Ancient Ganja carpets or Gadim Ganja carpets also belong to the category of carpets that made in Ganja carpet-weaving school. The carpets were named after Ancient Ganja where they were produced. At the same time, the art critics called these carpets “Ganja carpets”, “Ganja-Paisley carpets” or “Ganja carpets with Paisley”. Ancient Ganja carpets were produced in Ganja city, in the carpet-making point around Ganja, as well as in the Shamkir region which is located 40 km north-west of the city.
Typically, the composition of the middle field of the Ancient Ganja carpets is dominated by paisley patterns called Ganja -Buta. Ganja-Buta patterns, which are typical for Ganja carpet-making school, are sometimes laid on the diagonal. There are pile patterns on the left and right sides of the middle field of the carpets. The pattern is a religious symbol.

Age: Late 19th century
Condition: Very good even pile, sides and ends original, minor damage in one or two areas. No repairs or restored areas. Great palette of natural colours, evidence of fuchsine.
Size: 8 ft 1 in X 3 ft 7 in 2.46 m X 1.09 m

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