Monastir Prayer rug #17015

Wool on wool. Brown warps, multiple wefts. Late 19th Century to early 20th Century. Beautifully abrashed green field.
When the Ottoman Empire incorporated some of southern Europe in the 18th and 19th Centuries there was a migration from Anatolia to Europe and, in the case of those that wove this piece, Turkey to Macedonia.
These populations slowly returned to Turkey when the Ottoman rule was gradually relinquished. The designs of these pieces are unique, incorporating Balkan and Anatolian elements and the structure is also unusual with a pelt-like finish to the pile, which uses twisted yarn, separated by multiple wefts. This piece however does not appear to have such a pile, although it does display multiple wefts.
Age: circa 1900
Condition: Minor loss to top border, partial loss to bottom border and flat-woven end. No apparent restoration or repair.
Size: 5 ft x 3 ft 10 in 150 cm x 116 cm

Price: SOLD

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