Interesting reads

List of books, suggested reading etc:

Fleming, P. (1936) News from Tartary: A Journey from Peking to Kashmir London: Jonathan Cape. First edition

Bridges, Lucas, (1948) Uttermost Part of the Earth, originally published by Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1948. Re-issued, with an introduction by Gavin Young, Century, London, 1987, ISBN 0-7126-1493-1.

Whitfield, Susan (1999) Life Along The Silk Road University of California Press
Bunn, Stephanie, (2010) Nomadic Felts The British Museum Press – Artistic Traditions in World Cultures

Michaud, Roland and Sabrina, (1985) Caravans to Tartary Thames and Hudson

Many of the items listed here, and mentioned on my website, are held by, in an archive.