The Sunday Market at Tarabuco

The Sunday Market at Tarabuco, Chuquisaca, in Bolivia is not every tourist’s cup of tea. On Tripadvisor many who have recently visited are clearly underwhelmed by what this small unpretentious town has to offer. As a day trip from Sucre it requires a four hour journey just to get there and back. Depending on one’s […]

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Memories of visits to Tibet

Memories of visits to Tibet always fill my heart with longing. For many years I hoped to visit the east face of Everest where the Kangshung glacier reaches out beneath a sheer five thousand metre wall. I also carry with me the joy and respect for my hosts gained whilst living amongst Tibetan pilgrims who […]

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‘The Great Game’, Following in the footsteps…..

Roughly ten years ago I was invited to China. I became a ‘foreign expert’, the name the People’s Republic of China give to foreigners granted work visas, and over a three year period I spent time travelling and exploring some of the more remote regions of this vast country including Yunnan in the South West, […]

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