Bolivia’s Sajama National Park

This is what some local people think of this region of Bolivia, taken from
The area contains everything that one could wish to see, enjoy and experience living in the Andes. The practice of sports, adventure activities, delight in recreation and nature, observation of species in danger of extinction, the possibility to submerse oneself in thermal waters, at more than 13,000ft of altitude; or the spiritual contact with the twinkling universe, as a polychromic symphony of dawn crowning the Payachatas and then of course, the opportunity to share with the Sajama inhabitants, whose stock comes from the builders of Tiwanaku, knowledge that since the beginning nature is beautiful, that harmony and balance is a philosophy and that all is part of a total totality: “Pacha” and the part of the cosmos which protects our lives is “Pacha Mama”. The National Park of Sajama is Pacha Mama herself.
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I visited the area a few years ago before heading to Peru. Although it is relatively remote, the Park is next to a major highway linking Bolivia to Chile so fast buses regularly pass by.
Sajama Highway

Upon arrival at the village of Sajama

it soon becomes apparent what this area is all about, namely a certain wool giving beast, the Alpaca

And the mountain that gives the park its name, Sajama

which is the highest mountain in Bolivia at 6,542 m (21,463 ft) and one of three extinct volcanoes that dominate the landscape, the other two lying to the southwest, part of the Payachata volcanic group on the border with Chile

Sajama Village looking West

Once one walks away from the village the landscape is quite breathtaking and consumes you quite literally, the concept of distance and perspective both seem to change.

It is possible to roam freely throughout the area without a guide.

It is easy to see why this place is revered as a massive temple or place of sacred worship by the local Aymara people

Sajama literally towers over everything, peeping into whatever you do, see below.

Whether you are immersing yourself in thermal springs

Or meeting the locals

You do so with permission of Pacha Mamma herself, the power of Nature.

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